Fashionable Natural Flower Stone Pendant

Fashionable Natural Flower Stone Pendant Fashionable Natural Flower Stone Pendant Fashionable Natural Flower Stone Pendant

Fashionable Natural Flower Stone Pendant


    Crafted in the shape of a flower bead necklace,the crystal flower pendant necklace is long and ornate. We have 13 varieties for you to try out!

    Tiger Eye.

    The stone of protection and focus,Tiger Eye helps to release fear and anxiety. It brings harmony and peace too.

    Rose Quartz.

    The stone that rules the heart chakra rose quartz flower pendant makes you beautiful,happy and loved.


    Stone of wealth and prosperity,wearing jade welcomes new opportunities and success towards you.


    The stone of wisdom,amber attracts knowledge towards you. It is a stone of answers,clairvision and health.


    A gemstone that heals your physical disorders,turquoise can also make you confident and bright from inside. .


    The stone for Mothers,malachite attracts compassion and love towards you. It makes you kind and empathic.

    Black Sunstone.

    For protection and creativity,black sunstone can help. It guides your way and prevents harm from touching you.

    Pink Morganite.

    Wearing this pink Morganite pendant necklace makes you look like a queen. It has heart chakra vibrations that makes you naturally glow. .

    Sodalite .

    Negative energy is thwarted in the presence of sodalite. It makes your self-esteem and self-confidence spike up.

    Unakite .

    Another stone of love,unakite pendant helps you open your heart and receive the love you deserve.

    Topaz .

    A stone of mysteries,this topaz calms you and grounds you. It is linked with base chakra to help you balance emotions. .

    Tourmaline .

    A watermelon tourmaline pendant necklace in the symmetry of a flower,this pendant brings joy and beauty to the wearer.

    Pink Quartz .

    A gorgeous stone filled with energy to give you a rose glow,pink quartz heals the skin and hair.

    To Physically Clean your Crystal Flower Pendant .

  • Take your pendant in hand.
  • Take a soft bristle brush.
  • Scrub the pendant necklace gently from all sides.
  • Rub it with a soft cloth.
  • Repeat once in two weeks.
  • To Spiritually Clean your Crystal Flower Pendant.

  • Take a clear quartz wand in your right hand.
  • Take the pendant in the left hand.
  • Circle your right hand with the wand over the pendant thrice.
  • Do it before and after wearing the pendant.
  • DISCLAIMER: Please understand that every gemstone is different in size,shape and color. The one you see in the picture might not be the one you receive as gemstones are unique. We believe every gemstone finds its way to the person who needs it; it's bound to be special!

    Item Type: Necklaces
    Pendant Size: 5cm
    Necklace Type: Pendant/Necklace
    Main Stone: Crystal
    Chain Type: Rolo Chain.


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