Natural Crystal Gemstone Wands

Natural Crystal Gemstone Wands Natural Crystal Gemstone Wands Natural Crystal Gemstone Wands

Natural Crystal Gemstone Wands


    Blue Jade.

    A variety of jade,blue jade is a soothing stone that relieves your heart and throat chakras. Blue jade also spreads harmony and peace wherever it is kept.

    Coffee Jade.

    When you see a rich-dark-brown coffee color on jade,it is called coffee jade. Being of earthy hues,this stone is excellent for grounding by the root chakra.

    Peacock Eye Jasper.

    A unique gemstone,peacock eye jasper is a stone that is much more connected to earth than red jasper. Peacock eye jasper helps you connect with mother nature and find the love in your heart for yourself and others around you.

    Lapis Lazuli.

    The stone of astral delights,lapis lazuli attracts fortune and abundance too. It is an intuitive stone that can help you see ahead into the future or sense dangers before they occur. Lapis Lazuli connects with your third eye and throat chakras.

    Yellow Jade .

    A fragile stone with 6.5 MOHS hardness,yellow jade is closely associated with nephrite. It is made of fire vibrations that fill you with courage,stamina and strength. It helps you gain emotional balance and empathic powers. .

    Dream Amethyst Chevron.

    A special variety of amethyst,dream amethyst is a protection stone that tends to have white streaks just like a chevron amethyst. This purple quartz is a gorgeous stone that can empower your aura and spiritual awareness. .

    Green Fluorite.

    One of a kind gemstone wand that can help you heal from grief and negativity,green fluorite spreads cheers. It is the stone of positivity and harmony. Keep it in the southern direction of your living room to resolve feuds at home.


    A variety of marbel,Serpeggiante is an earthy stone of balance. It helps you discover your secret potential when placed close to your work area. Serpeggiante is also excellent for good feng shui at home. .


    The ultimate stone to contact angels and celestial beings,celelstite is a stone that works wonders on the crown chakra. It makes you aware of the complete reality around you,with powers of divination. .


    A stone born from the pure blood of martyrs,bloodstone is a stone of protection. It can deflect negative energies when kept in your pocket,bag or close range to your aura. Bloodstone wand like this can also boost your concentration powers.

    Epidote .

    One of the high-vibration stones,epidote works wonders on the mind. It is a stone that makes you feel positive and hopeful. Epidote uplifts the psyche to the higher levels and help you combat anxiety and nervousness or restlessness.


    The stone of starry nights and aurora borealis is also the stone of magic. You can use it by placing it under the bed before sleep for lucid dreaming or astral travel. The best stone to meditate,Labradorite connects you with your guardian angel.

    Rose Quartz.

    A pure quartz stone,rose quartz awakens the heart chakra vibrations. It makes you feel loved by attracting the love from others around you,towards you. Rose quartz spread calming and loving energy vibrations wherever it is kept.

    Red Mahogany Obsidian.

    The best stone for grounding yourself at times of hexes or curses,Mahogany obsidian can help you find protective chakra strength too. It is a stimulation stone that balances the hormones in your body.

    Quartz Crystal.

    The ultimate purification crystal,clear quartz is always great to have around. A palm sized clear quartz wand like this can be used to cleanse crystals ten times its size. Just hover it thrice on an item you want to cleanse in a clockwise direction.

    Amethyst Purple .

    One of the commonest variety of amethyst,this is a special amethyst. It goes lilac in the middle with new colors and hues outlining the center. This amethyst wand can make you intuitive and strong-willed.

    Black Obsidian .

    A powerful protection stone,placing this black obsidian in your room will deflect and repel the negativity. Black obsidian is excellent for kids and adults who are going through a lot of opposition or negativity in life.

    DISCLAIMER: Please understand that every gemstone is different in size,shape and color. The one you see in the picture might not be the one you receive as gemstones are unique. We believe every gemstone finds its way to the person who needs it; it's bound to be special!

    Material: Natural Gemstone
    Size: 4cm.


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